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Mission Statement

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa undertakes to make the benefits of belonging to the Club so attractive that caravaners will wish to join us, and we will welcome them and nurture them into our activities until they are fully integrated into our midst.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we sometimes have to change Rally Venues

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa is the largest Caravan Club in Southern Africa and holds 6 National Rallies per year on pre-determined dates on which every Region in South Africa will hold a Rally. Every 3rd year Rally South Africa is held in which case there are 7 National Rallies in that particular year.
In addition to this our Regions hold as many as six Regional Rallies making it possible for members to get away as often as one weekend per month.
We are a family orientated Club and our Code of Conduct, which every member is expected to abide by, ensures that the image of the CCSA is held in high regard by the general public, fellow campers, the resorts we frequent and fellow road users.


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Rally South Africa was held at Richards Bay Caravan Park over the Easter Weekend 29 March to 01 April 2018 and what a fantastic Rally it turned out to be. Congratulations to the organizers for their magnificent effort and they can be justifiably proud of all the accolades delivered at the Rally closing ceremony. There has been nothing but positive feedback not only by the Ralliers but from the Park management as well.

The camaraderie and friendship displayed by all the CCSA members for the entire weekend was a shining example of what the Club is all about and it certainly made one proud to be a member of the CCSA.

A full report on Rally SA 2018 will be published shortly in the Caravan & Outdoor Life Magazine.




5 NOVEMBER 1924 – 24 MARCH 2018

Jimmy always kept detailed records of everything that they did.  A lot of the detail that follows has been extracted from Jimmy’s records.

On 03 May 1982 – Jimmy and Thelma purchased their first Caravan, a Jurgens Champion B. By the end of the week they started using their van. They always had various family and friends visiting them over the years highlighted the fact of their popularity and their willingness to share their outdoor experiences.

They then used their caravan another 3 times before they used it for their first CCSA rally. This was on the 1st July 1982 where they joined the Eastern Province Region of CCSA for their first Regional rally.

At the E.P. region’s committee meeting held on 14 January 1987, Jimmy, who was by now the vice-chairman of the E.P. region, was asked to head a sub-social committee and prepare for the formation of a new region which he did with his normal efficiency and without fuss.

During this period Jimmy and his team organised the split rallies to test the viability of a new region and this eventually led to the formation of the Algoa Bay region.  Jimmy was always proud of Algoa when the split rallies had more Algoa members in attendance than the EP members had at their rally on the same date.   

In the twelve months that the sub-social committee’s split rallies were run, funds were collected through various means. A trailer was purchased, so also were many items for smous such as shirts, hats, badges, etc.  Sponsorships were also obtained for the printing of the inaugural brochure. Everything had to be got ready for the inaugural rally which was to be over the Easter weekend early in April 1988. Bearing in mind that the charter and flag were due to be presented at the Convention in Cape Town on 12 March 1988 there was not a lot of time available.   In those days you paid R5.00 for a caravan site.

Jimmy Morgan was a delegate for the E.P. region so he attended the Convention in Cape Town when Algoa Bay Region’s flag and charter were presented.

The Inaugural Rally of Algoa Bay Region was held over the weekend of 01/04 April 1988 at Humansdorp Caravan Park. This was a busy weekend with the first Chairman’s tea being held after the church service on Sunday.  Monday, before everyone started for home, there was a ‘Bon Voyage’ champagne breakfast to launch the new region on its voyage into the future. Thanks to Jimmy’s leadership a good foundation was set and the region is still going strong 30 years later.

They then made full use of their caravan and by the time they stopped rallying that had attended 126 National Rallies and 102 Regional rallies. They also used the van in between rallies to entertain their children. They also had many trips consisting of tours, Provincial rallies, Rally SA, Rally Cape and non-rallies. If you see any pictures of the tour groups, vehicles and caravans you will always see their trusty Valiant in the picture.

Jimmy was Chairman of Algoa Bay region for three years, scribe for one year and took over the Smous when a committee member resigned. He and Thelma were also honorary regional members.

The last rally they attended was the New Year’s rally at Westview from 26 December to 4 January 2004.

Once they stopped rallying Jimmy presented the Region with a trophy for the Caravanner of the year and he presented this trophy for the first time at the 2004 AGM.  While they rallied with Algoa Bay Thelma made up corsages of orchids which were presented to the ladies associated with the committee at every AGM.   Jimmy continued with this tradition of presenting corsages which were made up by Glenda after Thelma passed away on 25 August 2008.   He has attended every AGM, only missing the 2017 AGM.  This means that he attended 29 of the region’s 30 AGMs.

Jimmy was very proud of Algoa Bay and although he no longer rallied always remained interested in the region.  A great man and an honour to know.  He will be missed by his caravanning friends.


The 2018 Rally Fixture List is now posted to the Website. Nvigate to the “Regions” tab and click on “Rally Fixtures” and then navigate to the various Provincial Fixtures.


The 2017 Summer Edition of the Homestead News has been uploaded to the Website as well emailed to all Regional Committees to distribute to their members. You will also be able to access the newsletter by clicking on the "Homestead News" which appears when you navigate to the “News” tab on this page.


The OCTOBER 2017 edition of the South African Association for Retired Persons Newsletter has been released and can be read online by clicking HERE

They are offering special rates on motor insurance, Holiday Club accommodation, etc for Senior Citizens. You can get more information and quotes by emailing them at

The October edition is of particular interest to the CCSA as the SAARP Margate Social Club’s October Newsletter carries an article featuring our very own Mary Neetlhing from Alfred County Region who gave a talk on the History of the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast region at their recent outing to Lake Eland


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