Rally South Africa 2022

Rally South Africa 2022

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Good Morning Rally SA Attending Member

We are so looking forward to having you at Rally SA 2022. After many months of planning and many ups and downs over the last few years- we can finally say- Rally South Africa IS HERE!

Before you make your journey to Kaia Manzi, here’s a few things to help you with your planning:

  • Any members who want to arrive early (up to Wednesday the 13th) or stay longer (from Monday the 18th) will need to pay the park directly @ R250 per night. Please could you kindly let us know so that we can direct you to your designated parking area.
  • Please could you pre-print and complete an indemnity form and covid questionnaire before arriving at Kaia Manzi- it will make your arrival at the park more seamless.
  • Day visitors and boats will be paid directly to the gate on the day of “visiting”. Yes, there are fishing waters too.
  • The www.rallysa.co.za website has a photo map of the intersections once you are off the major roads (there will be signage)
  • You can order a Rally SA specific shirt from the website- see Rally SA website for more details.
  • Please pack a WHITE shirt for the colour run on Sunday (you can also use your Rally SA shirt that you bought in the previous point )
  • There are going to be various food vendors throughout the weekend so not need to over pack the fridge- the events tent will ensure we have cold beers and slushies too.
  • Nearest shop & petrol station is 2.1kms away- it will be closed on Good Friday but open on the other days. It’s an OK mini mart and holds 99% of your essentials.
  • Nearest town is Bronkhorstspruit +- 20 km from Kaia Manzi
  • You will be greeted at the gate by Jaques and his parking marshals, they will directing you to your parking spot- ARRIVE TOGETHER TO PARK TOGETHER. Parking is arranged by regions and not by person.
  • You will receive a set of raffle tickets in your goody bag, however there will be more raffle tickets for sale throughout the weekend
  • The event tent bar & kiddies table will be operated on a token system, tokens will be R5 or R10 you can purchase them with cash or with your debit card as there will be a card machine available- only items under the events tent will be token based- all external vendors will be handling their own finances
  • Please could you ensure you have a normal 3 point plug for the power boxes which allows 2 caravans to plug in
  • We will have a medic on site from Thursday to Sunday afternoon, please ensure you have stocked your basic first aid kit for all your minor bumps and scrapes- the nearest hospital is 40km so we will have someone on standby for the “just in case factor”
  • Please ensure your caravans fire extinguisher is in service and not expired
  • Goodie bags can be collected from the chapel on Friday evening from 19:00, please could one person from each region assist us with manning a table to hand out your regions goodie bags
  • If you have a few extra days before or afterwards- here are a few things you can do: https://www.sa-venues.com/things-to-do/gauteng/bysuburb/bronkhorstspruit/
  • The most current version of the weekends programme is on the Rally SA website.
  • We will have limited quantities of Briquettes @ R30 p/bag and Firelighters @ R15 p/pack for sale at the events tent/ bar

Information for the regions Chairman, Vice Chairman or Committee Member:

  • We will be using regions normal flags for flag raising. If you have a tear drop or shark fin flag- you may display them where your region parks.
  • Please could bring your regions flag to Sean on Friday night in the chapel so that we can ensure that your regions flag is prepared for flag raising on Saturday.
  • RALLY SA is a National event and raising South Africa’s National flag followed by the club and regions flag will announce the official opening of RALLY SA.  Therefore, traditionally all attending committee members, Provincial and National Councillors should be wearing their green jackets and ties at flag raising.
  • Please could each region bring a “regions” fire extinguisher that will be on hand in your parking section if needed.

We are very excited for Rally SA and can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks’ time.

Safe Travels! Those traveling from far please stop at regular intervals to stretch your legs as you make your journey to Kaia Manzi

Kind Regards

South Rand Committee

The OrganizersGet to Know Us

2021/2022 South Rand Committee

Left to Right

Colin Botha- Rally Convener/ Rally SA Food Market Co-Ordinator

Sean Kinsey- Rally Convener/ Rally SA Beer Tent Manager

Pieter (Patsy) Geyser- Secretary/ Rally SA Adverting, Sponsorship and Communications Liaison

Meryl Kennelly- Finance/ Rally SA Financial Officer

Anton Pretorius- Chairman/ Rally SA Logistics and Communications Liaison

Bronwyn Mayhew- Social Admin/ Rally SA Entertainment and Event Co-Ordinator

Jacques Sliep- Smous/ Rally SA Goodie Bags, Registration & Raffles

Jaques Mostert- Vice Chairman/ Rally SA Gate & Parking Co-Ordinator

South Rand Members- Volunteers Though Out The Weekend (Thank You!)

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