About Us

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa is the largest Caravan Club in Southern Africa and holds 6 National Rallies per year on pre-determined dates on which every Region in South Africa will hold a Rally. Every 3rd year Rally South Africa is held in which case there are 7 National Rallies in that particular year.

About Us

Our History

On the 2nd June 1947, four caravan enthusiasts and their good ladies gathered in the lounge of a Johannesburg Hotel to consider the formation of a Club which would give them the opportunity of discussing their common interest and mutual problems. It was decided that the name of the first Club should be the Rand Caravan Club. A constitution was drafted, which is a condensed form of our present constitution. The following acting office bearers were elected.

Chairman/Treasurer Mr A.W. MAY
Secretary Mrs T.B. LLOYD

The first general meeting took place on the 28th July 1947, in the Victoria Hotel, Johannesburg attended by 17 members. Mr Eric Hoffman was elected Chairman, the office he held for 14 years. He is now the Club’s first President and is still an active Caravaner.

At a special General Meeting held on the 29th September 1947, the name of the Club was changed to “The Caravan Club of Southern Africa” The first Rally took place on the 12th October 1947 at Gillooly’s Farm, Johannesburg and the first Marshal was Mr Wools Brockhoven.

The first Region was constituted in 1960 (Pretoria and Northern Transvaal) and at the time had nine very active Regions and a number of branches- stretching from the Zambezi to the Cape Peninsular, each with its own Committee to look after its own social affairs and all were responsible to a central body known as the National Executive Committee conducting the affairs of the Club through a full-time National Secretary with a permanent office.

Code of Conduct

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa is a Family orientated club that promotes high moral standards and every Member of the Club shall conform to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. To keep their car and camping equipment in good roadworthy condition and to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the National Road Traffic (Act no 93 of 1996) and any amendments thereto.
  2. Not to tow any camping equipment with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) that exceeds the Tare weight of the towing vehicle as prescribed by the relevant National Road Traffic Act.
  3. To ensure that the driver of the towing vehicle has been qualified with the correctly coded driver’s licence.
  4. To secure the previous permission of the owner of the land or site on which the member desires to camp, and to pay just dues.
  5. To place the equipment where it will not interfere with the convenience and enjoyment any of others.
  6. To dispose of all rubbish and waste where facilities are available for doing so; where no facilities exist take it when leaving and dispose of it in a proper manner when in a position to do so.
  7. To keep the pitch scrupulously neat and tidy, to leave it in as clean a condition as possible.
  8. To observe a standard of behaviour which will not cause undue disturbance or annoyance to fellow patrons.
  9. To merit and win the regard of all land and site owners and road users, so that the Members of the Caravan Club will be regarded as persons beyond reproach.
  10. To be particularly careful with regard to open fires and avoid all possibility of damage to property, trees etc.
  11. To show courtesy and consideration to all with whom the member comes into contact, to help other campers in need of assistance.
  12. To not make use of Club Insignia for the purpose of promoting any trade or profession or for any other form of advertising.
  13. To not post any article to or comment on any negative publication appearing on any Social Media platform in a manner that will bring the Caravan Club of Southern Africa into disrepute.
  14. To not use or divulge personal information of any members to any 3rd parties without their expressed consent.


A Few Of Many Achievements

Under the auspices of the Club, a National Caravan Register was established and with the assistance of the main Motor Touring Clubs and “Caravan” magazine, facts and figures in connection with the use of caravans on the South African roads were collected with the object of approaching the Provincial authorities to recognize a caravan as a vehicle in its own rights and to bring taxation on caravans down to a more realistic figure. The Club has succeeded so far in the Province of the Transvaal of convincing the authorities of the caravaner’s just plea and a substantial reduction in caravan licence fees was effected from the 1st January 1964. The hope is that in the other Provinces will follow this example in the near future. Members of the Club serve on committees of several Organizations such as the S.A. Road Federation, S.A. Nature Union, Bureau of Standards etc- to look after the interests of caravaners in general and the Club in particular.

Here is a copy of an article published in the Caravan & Outdoor Life in September 1988


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